Shippable equipment. After making the request, the equipment will be shipped to the user's facilities, where he will be able to use it freely in the agreed period.


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The Phantom 4 Pro V2 drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS). It is a quadcopter with an RGB camera with which you can take good quality photos and videos (1″ 20 Mpixel sensor, 4K/60 fps video). Programmed flights can also be carried out to obtain good quality 3D point clouds.

Manual and automatic operation. Rechargeable 15.2 V-5870 mAh Lipo battery, allowing a flight time of approximately 18 minutes per battery.

In the backpack for transporting the drone there are the following items:

Drone Phantom 4 pro V2.
Remote control for Phantom 4 V2 drone.
Rechargeable LiPo 15,2 V-5870 mAh battery.
2 sets of propellers (8 propellers).
Multiple battery charger to charge 3 batteries at the same time.
64 Gb microSD card.
Liability insurance policy with certificate of payment.

Specific criteria for using this equipment:

Be in possession of the necessary qualifications to be able to use this type of drone. Read the user manual before starting to use it. The pilot will be responsible for the flights made, taking into account the current regulations.

Inside the backpack there is room for all the elements necessary for the flight. The rucksack allows comfortable transport of the whole system. The dimensions of the rucksack are 52 x 42 x 22 cm.

The equipment is at TKNIKA. It will be necessary for a member of the centre to collect and deliver the equipment, avoiding couriers due to its fragility. After making the request, the hirer will be able to collect the equipment.

Time criteria for rental:

The rental start date will start on Monday of one week and end on Friday of the following week (2 weeks). Collection and delivery will take place within the aforementioned days. If someone has rented equipment, and on the eve of the delivery day (Thursday) sees that there is no rental of the equipment scheduled for the following week, he/she can extend the rental for a maximum of another two weeks following the same procedure as above.

Person in charge:

Biosciences and Sustainability area
Gorka Gaztelumendi Garaikoetxea

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