Advancing Graduate Tracking and Alumni Relations in VET Schools

This project belongs to: Internationalisation

TRACKTION focuses on improving VET graduate tracking at institutional level.  Tracking is commonly understood here as all systematic approaches that VET institutions put in place to record information on graduates, with regard to their learning progress, skills acquired, perceptions, routes into employment, self-employment, or further training. VET graduate tracking is part of a broader system that requires:

1.      Creating and/or reinforcing VET Alumni Culture bearing in mind that  “the ability to communicate with graduates is a precondition for tracking”

2.      Recording information on VET graduates destination. Both with regard to entry of graduates into the labour market and their progression within it, perceived relevance of acquired skills  and entry and progression into other education programmes.

3.      Using tracking for evidence-informed institutional decision-making. Tracking helps VET providers to understand the impact of study programmes, as well as their relevance for the labour market.

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