Collaborative space for research-innovation and training in Sustainable and Intelligent Construction

This project belongs to: Biosciencies and sustainability

The proposed project proposes to analyze the necessary skills and form the relevant training according to the “Standar Passivhaus”, which conforms to the European directive of almost zero buildings (directive 2012/27 / EU of the European Parliament and the council, of 25 October 2012 on energy efficiency (DEE)) and therefore, considered the future standard of European construction.

Likewise, the best validation of a training in the Passivhaus method is to test with the practical execution of a singular prototype, with specific conditions. All this knowledge would open the way to expand the options of the Passive, Intelligent and Efficient construction, towards Self-Sufficient Energy Construction, known as “POSITIVE HOUSE”.

On the other hand, Intelligent Construction is the immediate future and this project is intended to be approached from an integral and multidisciplinary point of view to accelerate and increase the inclusion of the best possible solutions and technological systems in the building, with the aim of achieving more buildings efficient, safe, functional and accessible, as well as integrating buildings in the city.

Therefore, it is proposed to make a mobile Tiny house:

● what is a niche market in our country

● that it is a real model of informative action to launch and obtain maximum social diffusion and work projection around the key to energy saving, which is the low energy demand

● which is the base samples exportable to other building typology