Smart microgrid.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

The Smart City concept, which promotes transformation strategies for more sustainable models, gives a huge importance to the power sector and renewable energy sources are the driving force behind this transformation.
More and more local renewable energy sources are being used, but they are spread throughout the territory. This means that they need to be brought together in small-sized networks, called micro-grids, that act independently for self-supply or joined to the main distribution network.
In order to make local energy production and consumption more efficient, these micro-grids are equipped with smart management systems; this is the origin of the term “Smart Grid”.
A pioneer project in exploring the benefits provided by smart micro-grids is iSare. Its purpose is to reduce problems that the current grid model has, and make it easier to take advantage of renewable resources in our territory.
Tknika has signed a collaboration agreement with the iSare Alliance, undertaking operation and maintenance of this micro-grid. This means it can be used to train teachers and students interested in the subject.
The experience gained from managing this micro-grid will be used to create Didactic Units to transfer this knowledge to VET centres. They can find out about practical application of the smart micro-grid concept when visiting iSare’s facilities.

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This project has been completed in 2018.

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