Competence assessment focused on Evolution

This project belongs to: Learning and high perfomance

We have developed the SET application taking into consideration the main characteristics of an evaluation process designed for a learning system in which students are at the very centre of the learning process. Its name "SET" comes from the expression Skills Evolution Tool and, as its name tells, we aim mainly at measuring the EVOLUTION of the competences acquisition by the students.

It includes all the functionalities needed for this type of evaluation:

  • The possibility of using rubrics.
  • Registration, in an easy way, of evidences on the performance and behaviours of the students.
  • The possibility to select different competences each period of time.
  • It allows different types of assessment, such as assessment by the teaching team, the self-assessment, peer assessment, external assessment, etc.
  • It enables the display of the assessment results in different formats, including graphics that invites to reflection and encourage evolution.
  • The teaching team strengthens the assessment results with feedback for students to understand the results properly and to find the path to continuous improvement.
  • The students are invited to express commitments on their next performance, which will enable them to evolve in the competences acquisition process.

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