Boosting European Exchange on Higher VET and Employer Involvement in Education Structures

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Boosting European Exchange on Higher VET and Employer Involvement in Education Structures

The purpose of the BEEHIVES project is to promote European Exchange in Higher Vocational Education and Company Participation in Educational Structures.

A key objective of the Agenda to Modernise and Reform Higher Education in the EU is for Higher Education to more clearly meet job market requirements. Several recent studies highlight Higher Vocational Training’s strategic role as a significant driving force when providing high-level skills related to employment and when improving employment rates after graduation.

As one of the seven partners forming part of the BEEHIVES project, we work in the field of Vocational Training in Europe and we believe that the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has significantly contributed to harmonising Higher Education in Europe, yet on the other hand, Higher Vocational Training is:

  • An area with confusing policy in many member countries — where HVT is offered in different, structurally separate sectors (SE, VT, CVT) with limited permeability (vertical and horizontal) and, in many countries with limited opportunities for progress.
  • There are no detailed reports on countries regarding HVT that explain this sector’s complexity.
  • Scarce attempts have been made to develop innovative, transferable initiatives on practises and tools that are focused on companies’ commitment to HVT.

As organisations forming part of BEEHIVES, we have vast experience in this field, with significant and extensive bonds with companies and company associations. To this end, we believe that we shall develop transversal, practical skills to strengthen Higher Vocational Training, and improve cooperation between the educational and training world and the job world.



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