innoVET: Teacher Academy 3 in the Basque Country

 In Internationalisation

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The Basque Country has organized and hosted the 3rd innoVET teachers’ academy from November 6 to 9. AGENDA

How do we keep an earthquake shaking? This has been the theme of the academy and the best way to stay active is by looking for and designing joint activities.

During 3 days, the Basque Vocational Training Centers welcomed teachers from 12 organizations. More than 40 teachers from Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Finland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Gran Canaria, and the Basque centers of Armeria eskola, Meka Elgoibar, Miguel Altuna, Tolosaldea and Usurbil lanbide eskola participated in the workshops to develop spaces for exchange between participants from all organizations through active and collaborative work sessions, which was our goal in this teacher academy.
How could we contribute to overcoming global challenges? This was one of the questions that we had to answer among all the participants and for this, we showed them how the innovation process is carried out in VT centers in the Basque Country. The Basque FP community shared their way of working and the participating teachers were able to visit different Tknika workshops and the centers in Bergara and Tolosa.

Day 1 in Tknika

Day 2 at CIFP Miguel Altuna LHII, Bergara

Day 3, at CIFP Tolosaldea LHII

The participants were divided into international teams and during these 3 days, they cooperated to design project ideas that could contribute to overcoming global challenges through internationalization. By participating from the beginning of the process, from the creation of the idea and the design of the joint project, the participants are co-responsible partners and committed to the development of the project.

There were up to 17 project ideas!

The ideas were filtered and we were left with four, to which the participants adhere and which we hope can be developed in the near future.

The academy provided an opportunity to learn from each other, and better understand how we develop our international activities, our expectations, and where project ideas come from in different organizations, and of course, there was free time.

This was the winning team that got to know the city of San Sebastián better

Let’s keep the illusion and give life to our project ideas. To be continued…