Internet of Machine (IoM)

Interoperability and connectivity in Industry 4.0. Advancing towards intelligent factories.

This project belongs to: Technological innovation and intelligent systems

The concept of Industry 4.0 entails profound changes in the industrial sphere. Its main purpose is to update production processes by digitalising manufacturing, in order to gain competitiveness and implement client-oriented production. Out of all the main characteristics brought about by this shift in paradigm, flexibility and interoperability are worthy of special mention.

This change in model requires adding a series of facilitating technologies, as well as professionals with a global view of said technologies to adapt current manufacturing processes to the new manufacturing paradigm. In all probability, this will lead to the creation of new professional profiles, and updating those already in existence. The following technologies to apply the new model are of note:  cyber-physical systems (CPS), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), collaborative robots (COBOTS), additive manufacturing, 3D-printing, Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI), cyber security, LEAN management systems, etc.

With this project, we will especially be working within the scope of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Our main objective shall be to identify the needs of vocational training teachers in the Basque Country who teach cycles related to IIoT and train them so they can adapt their knowledge and training to the industry’s new needs. The project’s specific objectives include:

  • Analysing the protocols and architectures adopted by the industry for smart factories, and proposing solutions so that equipment with different PLC-s and Gateways can communicate with a cloud platform.
  • Analysing the functional blocks of an IIoT system, and testing different tools and technologies for data collection and analysis and action on processes.
  • Collaborating with networking and automation equipment manufacturers to stay abreast of innovations related to the Industry 4.0.
  • Carrying out training actions so that FPeuskadi (Basque Country Vocational Education and Training) teachers can drive professional profiles adapted to the new manufacturing paradigm.

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